Words of inspiration - Youth Day 2015

Words of inspiration - Youth Day 2015

Mayors Trevor Bishai, Laura Hulley and Oliver Brouckaert offer words of inspiration on Youth Day.

"The youth of today are the prime generation.  With all the potential we have to make a difference, we try to never miss an opportunity to do something good for the world.  Here in South Africa, we are privileged to be able to honour and celebrate the young men and women who devoted their lives to the struggle against Apartheid, and we celebrate this especially on June 16.

We as the Durban Youth Council are constantly striving to make a difference while empowering and developing the youth of today.  Youth Day is not just another public holiday, but is a day in remembrance of the youth of our country who made a difference 39 years ago today.  So take some time to realize what the youth have done and what we can do to make our country and the world a better place."

On behalf of the Durban Youth Council, we would like to wish you a happy Youth Day!